Tajweed: Lesson 1

النون و الميم المشددتين

Al noon wa al- meem al mushaddatain  (The letter meem and noon with shaddah)


غنة – (ghunnah) The letter ‘meem’ and ‘noon’ are known as ‘ghunna’ letters, nasal sounds. So, a ‘ghunna’ linguistically is nasal sound.


In tajweed classification, it is a sound within the ‘noon’, ‘tanween’ and the ‘meem’. This ‘ghunna’ is apparent in these letters whether they have a ‘haraka’ (moving) or not (has a sukoon – not moving)

When it has a shaddah شدة  ,the ghunnah is even stronger, whether it has it has a sukoon or a harakah.

 A ‘shaddah’ is a double letter sound, one with sukoon, the next moving, i.e. with a harakah. The shaddah in tajweed is 2 harakaat long (equals 2 seconds). For example: .

It comes in the middle of a word, like النٌاس، الجنٌة، مسمٌى” 

It is called “Al meem (/alnoon) mushaddadah bil ghunnah”. This only happens with the meem and noon.


Or in the end, جانٌ، ثمٌ”  still elongate 2 sec, (jaannn, Thummma)

So this is a simple rule, any time you see a meem and noon with shaddah, you automatically make it 2 secs longer, and don’t hesitate about it.

Quiz: How many ‘meem’letters  are there in the word, مِمٌَا ?



One Response to “Tajweed: Lesson 1”

  1. Abdulkadir Says:

    Salaam, i was wondering if this above rule is the same as idghaam due to the fact that a noon or meem with a shadah is the same as two noons or two meems.

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