Acts that will lead to Al-Jannah

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In a hadith narrated by Abu Hurayrah, the Prophet is reported to have said:

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “If you guarantee me six things on your part, I shall guarantee you Paradise. Speak the truth when you talk, keep a promise when you make it, when you are trusted with something, fulfill your trust, avoid sexual immorality, lower your eyes, and restrain your hands from injustice. (Al Tirmidhi, Hadith 1260)

 Abu Dharr reported that,” One day he asked the Prophet (Peace be upon him), `How can a slave rescue himself from Hell-fire?’ The Prophet answered: “By having strong Faith.” I said: “O Allah’s Prophet! should this faith be manifested in action? The Prophet said: “You must give as much as you can from what Allah has bestowed on you.” I said: “O Allah’s Prophet, what if one was so poor that he is not able to give anything? The Prophet said: “Then he must enjoin the good and forbid the wrong.” I said: “What if he cannot do that?” The Prophet said: “Then he must help his brother who is without any skills.” I said: O Allah’s Prophet: “What if he does not master any skill whatsoever?” The Prophet said: “Then he must help the oppressed.” I said “O Allah’s Prophet, what if he was so weak that he could not help the oppressed?” The Prophet said: “You are leaving your friend no chance to do good. Then he must abstain from his evil doing.” I said: “O Allah’s Prophet, “Is this enough for him to enter Paradise? The Prophet answered: “If any one does any of the former things, then I will personally take him by his hand until he enters Pradise” [Note: Mentioned by AI-Haisami in Al-Majma’, saying: It is reported by AI-Tabarani in AI-Kabir]    

“Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: ‘You will not enter Paradise until you have faith, and you will not have faith until you love each other. Shall I direct you to something which if you fulfill you will love one another? Spread salam amongst yourselves.”
Sahih Muslim (Book 001, Number 0096)

 The keys to the Quraan: 

  1. Look at the quran and its message as it was revealed to us, to interact with it and apply it in our daily lives.
  2. Put yourself in the same situation as the Muslims (companions of the Prophet (saw) were when the verses were revealed. Connect with the verses, the same way Muslims did at the time of revelation, then take this feeling and apply to your self today (i.e. daily life).

6 Responses to “Acts that will lead to Al-Jannah”

  1. Says:

    JazakAllah for sharing these

  2. fromkarachi Says:

    Wa iyyakum,! MashaAllah a great website, I have been checking it at work or whenever I’m in mood of a short little reminder!
    keep up the good work.
    wassalamu alaykum.

    Some favorites:
    Aishah:three dates
    The Room

  3. Heartburn Home Remedy Says:

    After reading through the article, I feel that I need more info. Can you share some more resources please?

  4. Faduma Says:


  5. um uwais Says:

    Asslamu alayku wa RhmatuLLAHI wa Barakatuh..

    jazakumuLLAHU khairan for the beatifull hadith

  6. Mohamed Carloo Says:

    Very interesting and thought provoking

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