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The Battle for Pakistan

November 20, 2007

Things, I’ve been reading lately:

The Battle for Pakistan


Geo News

FreeImranKhan (equally importantly all others who’ve been unjustly rounded up and held indefinitely without any charges, mostly including lawyers, judges, artists, civil rights workers, journalists-anyone not in agreement with the military dictator, hence becoming an obstacle in the war on terror, who then deserves to be forgotten behind bars).

This post is not for the sake of politics, rather for the sake of humanity, a small contribution from those of us who feel helpless and far from bringing a positive change in the ever-growing chaotic situation in Pakistan. Nevertheless, I am a citizen of this country, and would like to share with others the information and news our self-imposed leaders fear desperately.

Arise, and soar with the sun’s new-born rays,
To breathe new life into dying nights and days.

“But only a brief moment
is granted to the brave
one breath or two, whose wage is
The long nights of the grave.”

Allama IQBAL