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Al-Madd Al-Lazim Hurufi

December 16, 2007

مد لازم حرفي

As discussed earlier when covering the madd, madd al lazim is 6 harakaat long, one of the longest madd. The huroof al-muqatta’a – الحروف المقطعة (the disjointed letters) comes under this category.

 When the huroof-al-madd (alif-waw- yaa) is followed by a sakin letter which cannot be separated from the letter of madd, then madd al-lazim applies- 6 harakaat long.

Did I loose you? This is actually a very easy and logical way to remember how to do madd in the disjointed letters. To many it may simply be “common sense”, but to those of us who come form a non-Arabic background, this truly is the ‘Aha’ moment!

Alright, all the huroof al-muqatta’a (disjointed letters) that appears usually in the beginning of the surah are :

 الم, المص, الر, المر, كهيعص, طه, طسم, طس, يس, ص,  حم, عسق, ق, م,  ن

Take few examples, ن is نون  , where the madd letter ‘waw’ is followed by a sakin letter – noon, and cannot be separated form the letter as it’s a part of it. So because of the madd letter, we stretch it to 6 counts.

All the madd letters where madd lazim applies are orange and ones with idhgham are pink and qalqalah letters are blue.

So, in الم laam and meem have idhgham, as their makharij meet/or are closer to each other. Written and pronounced as الف لام ميم.  Similarly, طسم as طا سيـم ميم or   طا سيمميم 


طس طا سين

ص صا د

 كهيعص  كا ف ها يا عين صا د المص  الف لامميم صا د

 and because it has a qalqalah letter daal at the end of it, one has to do qalqalah on it. Listen to any recitor and you will see the difference in the madd ending with qalqalah.

Other examples:

م  ميم

ق    قا ف

عسقعين سين قا ف

الرالف لام را 

   Notice that letters that do not end in sukoon after the madd letter, are only: 

stretched to 2 harakaat

 ها يا – كهيعص 

 الر – را

طس – طا سين

 * The above is taken from the tajweed classes being offered at IIT