Something beautiful from a very beautiful  site:

AL-Quran Al-Kareem



2 Responses to “ImanFlash!”

  1. chameleon47 Says:

    subhanAllah that was beautiful advice…if i can share as well.

    – there are many dua’s by the Prophets (as) and other. if we choose one and recite it after every salah, even just giving it 20 seconds, it will eventually be memorized by heart and thats an emaan boost inshaAllah.

    jazakAllah khair for sharing this beautiful flash video.
    wassalam wr wb

  2. fromkarachi Says:

    Wa iyyakum Sa’ad, and barakallahu feekum for sharing the advice.
    In need of you duas.
    Wassalamu alaykum.

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