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World’s Top 10 Public intellectuals-All Muslims!

August 2, 2008

A while ago an artile on islamonline caught my attention. A global poll was conducted by America’s Foreign Policy and Britain’s Prospect magzines, to pick the world’s top intellectuals and thinkers who are changing the world in our times.

RESULTS: all top ten intellectuals were muslims, including great scholar  Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, turkish thinker and scholar Fethullah Gülen, Egypt’s charismatic Day’ee Amr Khaled, famous scholar and grandson of Hasan AL-Banna- Tariq Ramadan, a Bangladeshi Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, Iranian Philosopher Abdulkarim Soroush, Iranian Lawyer and human rights activist Shirin Ebadi, and Ugandan anthropologist Mahmood Mamdani.

Most of the above names are well known, and alhamdulillah many of them are the contemporary scholars of our time, others great callers of Islam.

However, the reason of this post is the man who was voted in as the Fifth World’s top intellectuals, Aitzaz Ahsan, the Pakistani Lawyer, writer, human rights activist, and currently the man leading the movement for th ere-instatement of judges in Pakistan.

He truly is a source of inspiration, a rare gem, and one of the unsung heroes of Pakistan. Unfortunately, muslims around the world have mostly misunderstood islam, and have made it a religion of beard, hijab, salah, fasting, hajj and zakah (charity). All these are now considered a sign of islam, and vigourously practised during Ramadan. I am not denying the importance of the rituals of islam, I believe in all of them as well, and yes they are an integral part of a muslim’s life, especially salaah (prayer). But we have forgotten that Islam stands first and foremost for Justice.

When we don’t pray, we are being unjust to ourselves by denying our bodies and hearts their right to worship the only God, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, and condemn oursleves for the punishment saved for the arrogants in the akhira. When we don’t pay charity, we take the rights away from the poor and our own family by not purifying our income, when we break the laws of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala, we do great injustice upon ourselves and on others.

If this is the case with duties that personally pertain to us, individually, then what about the injustice and the violation of rights of human beings. How come most of the human right abuses take place in the muslim world, why are the women killed in the name of honor and their blood is made halal in the name of islam. Why people from amongst ourselves are willing to strap explosives and kill innocents whether muslims or non-muslims in the name of islam. And why is there a total absence of a sound justice system in the entire muslim world?

The great scholar Sheikh Ibn-Taymiyyah had remarked centuries ago that the Sunnah of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is that the land will be given to the one who is just, and so a just non-muslim ruler will be given dominance over an unjust muslim ruler. And we know this to be true.

Coming back to Aitzaz Ahsan, here is the place to get more info on him:

Poetry he wrote while in detention:

Kal Aaj or Kal

Kal Aaj or Kal (Part 2)

Links: Islamonline media files and article.


We Shall SEE…

April 22, 2008


Hum Dekhain Ge (We Shall See)  

   Poet: Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Artist: Iqbal Bano

Lyrics Contributed By: Abdullah Khan (Urdu) Omer (English)

Hum Dekhein gay
Hum Dekhein gay

Lazim hein k Hum Dekhein gay
Who din ke jiska wada hay
Jo loh e azal mein likha hay
Hum dekhein gay
Lazim hein k Hum Dekhein gay
Who din ke jiska wada hay

Jub zulm o sitam ke koh e garan
roi ki tarah ur jain gay
Roi ki tarah ur jain gay
Hum mehkoomon ke paaon tale
ye dharti dhahr dharh dharke gi
Aur ahle hakam ke sir oper
Jub bijli kar kar karke gi

Hum Dekhein gay
Hum Dekhein gay

Jub arz e khuda ke ka’abay se
sub butt uthwai jain gay
Hum ahle safa, mardood e haram
Masnad pe bithai jain gay
sub taj uchale jain gay
Sub takht giray jain gay
Hum dekhien gay
Bus naam rahe ga Allah ka
Jo ghaib bhi hay hazir bhi
Jo nasir bhi hay mansir bhi
Uthay gay unal Haq ka nara
JO mein bhi hon aur tum bhi ho
aur raj kare gi khalq e khuda
JO mein bhi hon aur tum bhi ho


Hum dekhien gay
Hum dekhien gay
(English Translation)

We shall see

It is a must that we shall see
The day that has been prophesized
The one written on the Tablet of Fate

We shall see

When the insurmountable mountains of oppression
Shall blow as if cotton flakes
And beneath the feet of us common folk
This land will throb with a deafening sound
And upon the heads of the despotic folk
Lightening will strike a thundering pound.

We shall see

When from the Palace of our Lord
All earthly gods will be taken out
We, righteous ones, outcasts of Church,
shall don a glorious robe, no doubt.
All crowns will fly
All thrones will fall

We shall see

Only the name of the Lord will stay on
who is unseen, yet ever seeing
who is the sight, as well as the scene
The shout of “I am The Truth”* shall rise
which is true for you and I
and the creation of the Lord will rule
which is true for you and I.

We shall see

It is a must that we shall see

We shall see.

A Mortal’s Wish

November 22, 2006

If I were to die as I am,
Would my journey be a wasted errand?
Would I decay in a barren land?
Not knowing where the trail ends?
Or would I stand before my Lord,
Saying Thy praises, Thy command,
That live, I did in pain an’ ease,
Workin hard with unfulfilled dreams,
Not knowing my time is counted,
Death shall strike before I mounted!
Oh death! No longer do I fear yer pangs,
For what can ye do to a noble man?
Harm ye may but only a strand,
Devour my body but not my soul,
Ye are not my end but a door,
To walk through to my real abode!
Setting me free to my Lord!